Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Pig 2019

Studio Carolina Izzo is delighted to support the Starship Foundation by contributing for the fourth time to Parnell’s Chinese New Year Auction, this year, Year of the Pig.

The final Live Auction for these ‘precious Pigs’ will take place at Jonathan Grant Galleries on the evening of the 28th February, with money raised from the auction going to Starship National Air Ambulance Service.

We invite you to establish and secure your interest in any of the Pigs by making a pre-auction bid here!

Carolina Izzo | Van Der Pig

The little figure immediately struck me as noble and elegant, with a loyal personality.  Reflecting the dignity and classicism of the art world the tiny pig led me to the knowledge that he was indeed a fine Flemish gentleman.

Manuela Di Giorgio | Klimt Pig
Manuela chose to paint her Pig in the style of Gustav Klimt because he is her favourite artist.

Cristina Guerra | Wild Pig
Cristina is a visitor to New Zealand and she chose to reflect the NZ wild bird life in all its beauty.