Project Management, Heritage Building Restoration and Conservation

Project Management, Heritage Building Restoration and Conservation

At Studio Carolina Izzo, our Heritage Team specialises in project management of conservation and restoration of historic buildings and architectural heritage.

This work includes outdoor sculpture, small architectural elements, and large-scale building projects.  We provide a plan including the methodology and issues involving the Resource Management Act.

We manage on-site conservation of architectural heritage made from a range of materials, including, painted walls and friezes, stone work, marble, timber, plasterwork.

Carolina has coordinated large teams of conservators in Italy and New Zealand, where she as has managed projects such as the, Royal Palace in Naples for the G7 summit 1994 and the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch 2012-2014.

The conservation of Architectural Heritage requires the team to work across disciplines, maintain the detailed work of heritage conservation, while accommodating the practical requirements of other teams.

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