Field Study 2019

The conservation workshop in Naples provided an excellent insight into the field of preventative conservation, including supervised hands-on experience and very informative meetings with conservators and museum staff. The extracurricular activities, for instance, tours to Capri or sites in Naples (churches, monasteries, ancient sites etc.), were well organised and tied in perfectly with the project work. I would recommend this workshop to everybody who would like to get a basic understanding of preventative conservation problems and solutions as well as get to know the cultural landscape of Italy.
Trevor, New Zealand

The Sibyllam project truly was a clichéd once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. Carolina and her friends showed us a side of cultural heritage that is impossible to learn in a university. Exploring Naples and Florence and working within cultural institutions whilst meeting such a supportive, welcoming and delightful team of people along the way was truly magnificent. Aside from all of the incredible hands-on preventative conservation opportunities, I haven’t laughed so hard in years, and am truly thankful to Carolina for such an incredible journey.
Emma, Australia

The preventive conservation study tour to Italy was an extraordinary experience. Under Carolina and Antonio’s direction, we engaged with professionals from museums and archaeological sites around Naples, working alongside them to gain invaluable knowledge and a unique hands-on experience to bring home with us to New Zealand. So much so that it’s hard to sum up how incredible this trip was in a few sentences!
Elle, New Zealand

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