Conservation Treatment – Objects + Kintsugi

Conservation Treatment – Objects + Kintsugi

At Studio Carolina Izzo we restore and conserve sculptures, ceramics, and wooden objects. The conservation treatment is dictated by the type of material. Our assessment will provide a plan to repair, restore, or conserve your object. The chosen treatment is decided after discussion with the client.

In our treatment we respect tikanga when dealing with Māori objects.

We may also conserve broken pottery and china through the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi (金継ぎ) or “Golden Joinery”. This is an approach which will restore your broken but beloved objects while paying respect to the history of the object.

Our studio is prepared for small scale work such as re-touching a painted surface, or restoration which might involve piecing together many broken fragments.

All processes, as per the rules of ethical conservation, are reversible.