Conservation Treatment – Frames & Gilding

Conservation Treatment – Frames and Gilding

Frames protect the painting.  They are a structure to aid safe transportation of the artwork and can be made of various materials.  Frames are simple or ornate, and comes with different finishes and textures.

In modern times the frame might be made and applied by the artist.  This is called An Artist Frame.  Frames are also chosen by the owner of the artwork or the framer.  Sometimes an artwork is presented without a frame.

The frame itself is an important element in the reading of an artwork.

While frames can be changed depending on the fashion of the day, it is always worth considering restoration or preservation of the original frame.

We repair frames that are broken or missing pieces.  We restore and repair gilded frames.   If your painting is unframed, we can offer advice on the best way to present and hang your painting.

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