Collection Maintenance, Condition Reporting, Disaster Recovery

Collection Maintenance

Studio Carolina Izzo specialises in preventive conservation.  This involves planning your collection care by way of regular maintenance.  We can also give advice or carry out collection organisation for you.  Services offered are as follows:

– Cataloguing

– Database preparation

– Storage

– Advice on environmental control

– Travel, packing, and installation requirements

Condition Reporting

Studio Carolina Izzo can provide you with a condition report on your artwork, or the heritage elements of an historical building.  We provide photographic documentation and a step-by-step account of the structure and composition of your artwork.  There is an analysis of the materials and their deterioration.  Once the current condition of your artwork is established, a plan for treatment to restore, repair, or conserve your artwork, (building or object) is given.

Disaster Recovery

We can provide advice on how to restore and conserve damaged artwork or architectural heritage, after disaster (earthquake, flood, fire, mould, etc.).  We can construct a plan, or offer advice on how to prepare your environment to be disaster ready with disaster procedure plans.