Art Consultancy

Studio Carolina Izzo advises organisations, businesses, and individuals on decisions relating to their artworks and collections. Carolina Izzo has over 30 years experience in the art world and has provided consultation for clients ranging from Royal Palaces, official NATO Residences, and Civic Museums in Naples, to large corporations and hotels in Wellington.

The studio’s expertise and knowledge cover both antique and contemporary arts and a vast breadth of experience in the field of art conservation puts longevity and the future of a collection at the core of all consultation.


We provide clients with valuations for works of art of any medium, age, and style. Studio Carolina Izzo works with highly trained professionals to offer clients accurate valuations for purposes of insurance and taking artworks to market.

Insurance Claims

Our team has experience dealing with both the insured and the insurer.  We prepare assessments of the condition of your artworks to be presented to the Insurance Company and liaise between parties throughout the claim process to deliver a positive result for all involved.

Handling and Installation

Studio Carolina Izzo is highly skilled in the handling of artworks and can supervise installations to ensure all our clients’ art is well looked-after.