Carolina at TEDx Christchurch 2015

This year TEDx will be held in the Isaac Theatre Royal, in Christchurch.  The perfect venue for Carolina to give her Ted Talk.  She spent two years leading a team of conservators in the conservation and restoration of the Isaac Theatre Royal in post-earthquake Christchurch. Now she is going to tell us just how she did it!  Tickets to the TEDx event are selling fast – don’t miss out on a day of ideas and innovations.


Tracey Collins – Art and Design for Live Performance, Film, and Television.  This talk has been and gone now.  It was wonderful having Tracey explain some of her film and television projects.  The skill and planning that goes into projects like this is meticulous and requires so much research and planning.  

We had a good crowd.  Thank you to all who attended and thanks for all the questions!