Sibyllam Field Study – Italy – 2019

Studio Carolina Izzo  Invites you to walk in the Italian Art and Heritage Industry with extraordinary access, during The Sibyllam Field Study 2019.
End of April-May 2019
This is your opportunity to experience Italian Art and Heritage first hand and enhance your understanding of global Museum and Cultural Heritage.

The Field School is for: Registrars, Collection Managers, Museum Curators, Architects and Conservators in training
Students in: Museum Studies, Art History, Anthropology, Chemistry (Conservation related), and Archaeology, and if you have Italian language skills in association with any of those disciplines.

The broad skills of selected participants and the impressive exposure to Italian Art and heritage, and industry professionals will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience and bring depth to your practice.

The Field Study will provide:
– Specialist training in preventive conservation
– Short course training at the prestigious restoration school Palazzo Spinelli in Florence
– Behind the scenes access to major Italian Museums in Rome, Naples, and Florence
– The freedom to engage in constructive discussion with Italian Museum and Heritage leaders on all issues related to the conservation and preservation of historical objects and artefacts
– Access to the professionals who manage the concerns of the repatriation of Māori artefacts and human remains
– Please talk to your University about gaining credits during the field school

If you wish to apply, please contact


St Mary’s Pipe Organ Restoration

The newly Decorated Pipes of the Organ at St Mary’s in Parnell are in place.

107 years after it was designed, the George Croft pipe organ in St Mary’s-in-Holy Trinity has finally received the pipe decoration that was always intended!

George Croft left no indication of design for the pipe decoration so, in consultation with the Selwyn’s Vision Project committee, Studio Carolina Izzo was engaged to design and decorate the pipes.