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Gilding Products

We are proud to announce that The Gold Leaf Shop is now the Oceania Agent and Distributor for the supply of Gold Leaf products from Giusto Manetti Battiloro of Florence.  Please contact us for product information and price lists.


The history of this unique company begins in the heart of Florence in the early 19th century, when Luigi Manetti purchased a gold-beating workshop. In 1820, Luigi’s son Giusto enters the company, which is re-named as Giusto Manetti Battiloro.  During the last two centuries the Manetti gold leaf became known throughout Europe and decorated large monuments throughout Europe. Today the Company employs 130 artisans and has three plants in Italy with a new state of the art plant under construction. Giusto Manetti Battiloro also has three subsidiary companies in Poland, Spain and Russia.  Goldbeating is defined in the dictionary as “the act, process or art of beating sheets of gold into gold leaf”. It was a typical trade in ancient Egypt, Greece and in Imperial Rome. The ultimate decorative element, gold made into sheets allowed decorators to embellish monuments and edifices, such as royal palaces, temples, mansions and churches.  In the Middle Ages the goldbeating trade spread throughout Europe. During the Renaissance the goldbeating workshops were so important in Florence that even Leonardo da Vinci took an interest in the trade and designed a machine which could reduce the gold sheets from 500 to 30 microns. In Florence, the tradition of producing gold leaf has never ceased.

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